Sharon Ward

I had shingles 5 years ago, but the pain did not go away. After visting a pain management clinc and trying many prescriptions I finally found a new medication that had limited effect on the pain. The constant pain eventually returned and I had to cancel activities and live a very home bound existence. After just 6 acupuncture treatments with Dr. Jiang, I had no pain anymore! It has now been almost 2 months and my "old" life has returned. I can now look forward to a long life filled with energy and activities that is free of pain. I would recommend acupuncture and Dr. Jiang to anyone who wants relief with their pain. Thanks to him I can again live a full life.

Sharon Ward


At the age of 23, I started having extreme unexplained fatigue that made getting through each day very difficult. At the same time, my menstrual cycles became more infrequent until my periods were 7 months apart. This was a big concern for me becuase I very much wanted to have a baby. Over the course of 5 years, I saw a series of conventional and alternative practitioners, but none helped me, untile I met Dr. Jiang. Through treatment of acupuncture, Dr. Jiang brought very dramatic changes to my life. My energy levles improved signifigantly. In addition, my menstrual cycle began coming every 4-6 weeks. I was able to concerive and have a healthy baby which is nothing less than a miracle!

Thank you Dr. Jiang. - Stacey


During the month of Sept. '99 an automobile ran over me. Injuries incurred ranged form torn muscle to shifting of my pelvis. I am a 25-year-old United Stated marine currently on Active Duty. Nine Doctors including three Chiropractors were unsuccessful in my recovery. The majority of treatments received from previous Doctors always ended in strong pain blockers suck as, Percocet, Morphine and powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. I lived with intense radiating pain that at times would interfere with my work.

Prior to seeing Dr. Jiang, I could barley walk, could not sleep at night and could only sit for very brief periods of time. Recently, I have seen Dr. Jiang a total of four sessions. Immediately following my first session I was able to walk and bend at the waist without pain. Something I have not done in two years. By the third session I was able to being a normal workout regiment completely free of pain. I am today a 100% recovered.

Thank you, Dr. Jiang.


I was diagnosed with chronic daily migraine headaches. After 4 months of conventional medical treatment I continued to suffer with little to no relief. I came to Dr. Jiang for help. After 2 1/2 months of acupuncture treatments I have experienced much improvement with no significant relapsed for over a month. I highly recommend acupuncture for pain management.